Aggression – basic issues

8th – November 2023
6th – December 2023
17th – January 2024

16:30 CET – 09:30 México time
90 minute sessions


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The international team of speakers and supporters will talk about Sevillie Statements and about nowadays understanding and research in field of aggression and violence

Aim of the seminar

The aim of the seminar is to present and exchange theoretical and research achievements in the field of research on aggression as a social and developmental phenomenon in various life contexts (families, individuals, groups) and cultural ones (North, South America and Europe). Moreover, due to the cyclical nature of the conference, its aim is to activate the scientific community and students to cooperate in the creation of joint research or educational projects.

Conference topics

The seminar’ topic is closely related to its purpose and aims of CICa International. “We hope to contribute, even if modestly, to promote the development of a more humanitarian and conscious society.”

Therefore, it includes the presentation of scientific achievements in the field of research and its manifestations as social, cultural and developmental phenomena.

During subsequent meetings, theoretical considerations on the phenomenon of aggression and violence from the perspective of different continents will be presented (speakers from Spain, Colombia, Poland) and research achievements in these areas will be presented.


Miguel Bettin, Colombia
Danuta Borecka- Biernat, Poland
Iwona Grzegorzewska, Poland
Hanna Liberska, Poland
Valentin Martínez-Otero, Spain
Camilla Pagani, Italy
Beata Pastwa – Wojciechowska, Poland
Emma Verónica Santana, Mexico
José de Jesús Alcalá Anguiano, Mexico

Honorary Patronage:

Juan Cayon Pena Prezydent CICA, Spain

Organisational Commitee

Marzanna Farnicka, Poland
Martha Leticia Gaeta, Mexico
Natalia Skrzyczewska, Poland
Javier Badosa, Spain



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