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The CICA is an international network of professionals interested in deepening our knowledge about consciousness, the achievement of 

peace, the resolution of conflicts and the treatment of aggression and violence at all levels.

  • The mere attendance to one of the CICA conferences is the only requirement to become a member of the CICA Club.
  • There are no membership fees.
  • The Trustees co-opt people who would like to work in a voluntary capacity on specific tasks or undertakings.
CICA is managed by an International Board of Trusties, advised by an International Scientific Committee, and different National Committees, autonomous in their work and activities.
Some institutions are also recognized as official partners.

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LXX CICA The Dignity of Death – 8/9th of March 2024

LXX CICA The Dignity of Death – 8/9th of March 2024

LXX CICA International Conference: The Dignity of Death Universidad Autónoma de MadridMadrid 8-9th March 2024 As traditionally death and the process towards and after death has been the territory of spirituality and religion, its study is multifaceted and goes beyond...

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General Aims

Help humanity through the scientific research into conflict, aggression and human consciousness and the diffusion of this research


Bring scientific experts from different disciplines and cultures together on novel thematic topics and/or support other organisations which also have similar objectives.


Promote effective dialogue and networking between scientists, professionals and public, and provide a supportive environment for younger scientists at conferences and in their projects

Future Projects

Develop and organise educational courses which foster our aims with the possibility of also having our own centre one day.





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