About us:


Based on CICA’s previous experiences: we have already done plenty of CICA conferences, providing an interdisciplinary forum. Our great strength is our diversity, in terms of our backgrounds, our areas of expertise, our experiences, and our abilities. I am convinced that we are able to achieve the next step: regional Formation and Research Centres. For the time being, four regional Centres have been created all coordinated by Dr. Juan Cayón:

1.   A  Western European Centre, on Security and Defence, coordinated by Dr. Martín Ramírez

2.   A Central European Centre, coordinated by Marzanna Farnicka, Ph. D. with three branches:

      • on Violence in the Family (coordinated by M. Farnicka, Ph. D.)
      • on Security and Defence (coordinated by Assoc. Prof. J. Piwowarski, Ph. D.)
      • on Risk Management (coordinated by Prof. Ing. J. Müllerova, Ph. D.)

3.   An Iberoamerican Centre, on Violence and Conflicts, coordinated by Dr. Bettin

4.    A Consciousness Studies Centre, coordinated by Dr. Lindhard

Central European formation and Research CICA Centre was created on the January 12, 2021 and it is coordinated by Director Marzanna Farnicka, Ph. D.
email: krakow@cicainternational.org