The Family Psychology and Violence Laboratory is an inter- and intradisciplinary research unit established in 2021 in CE F&R Centre. Its leader is Dr. Marzanna Farnicka.

The department is interested in processes taking place in the family from an educational, clinical, developmental, and criminological perspective.
The branch aims to thoroughly understand the key factors influencing decisions and behaviors, especially in the sphere of family life.

We focus on the mechanisms that arise in the case of domestic violence, both from the perspective of the whole and individual life trajectories.

In addition to conducting scientific research and carrying out expert opinions, our activities include cooperation with international and national research and educational institutions and the dissemination of reliable knowledge that improves the quality of life and safety seen in the scale of small groups and local communities.

What do we focus on?
“In general – on creation the world as a better place to live.”

Through proper diagnosis and intervention, we have the experience in:
– support people in  dealing with individual conflicts and crises as well as in the perspective of family and group development;
– in particular, we focus on: Family communication, relational games;
– Normative and non-normative development in the family and institutions;
– family values
– Intergenerational transmission of behavior patterns in the family system,
– Behaviors and processes that disrupt the functioning of the family, for example, isolation, violence (in various relationships; having children; children – parents; partners, siblings)
– supporting functioning and intervening in coping with difficulties,
– we have the diagnosis, intervention, and psychotherapy team and place;
– we do research and expertise on how is and how to help in change
– We help the small and big organizations to be good development and work envirovement

– we implement good practice and we audit small and big businesses as a firm with “excellent and secure development and work envirovement”.

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Dr. Marzanna Farnicka

Coordinator of Central European F&R CICA Centre