An update of The SSV 25 years later?

Storrs, Conneticut (USA), 25-26 July 2010

5 signataires of the SSV from 3 countries (USA, Finland, and Spain)



  • Martin Ramirez (Chair), The beginnings of the SSV: A Perspective on Where We Started.
  • David Adams, The SSV and its penultimate reach: An International Perspective on Where We Are Now.
  • Bonnie Frank Carter The SSV for the Next 25 Years: A Psychological Perspective on Where We Can Go
  • Riita Wahlstrom,  discusser
  • Conclusion, by Benson Ginsburg


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  1. MaryEllen Edwards

    Oh, my. My comment is the first. I pray that does not mean that they did not distribute this document worldwide. It should be in every politician’s breast pocket and memorized by every citizen. Peace begins with every person.


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