CICA Consciousness

CICA Consciousness

CICA Consciousness

We can raise our consciousness awareness about many topics, but the most important is studying the nature of our own consciousness. Armchair speculation about its nature can never divulge its depths that only inner experience reveals. 


Inner exploration into the nature of our own consciousness is a natural ability, but many need a method to help them. This quest is not a religious undertaking but is open to all who feel called to know more about their true nature.

Different methods of meditation can be divided into thinking meditation and feeling meditation. Our research involves feeling-based meditation which soaks practitioners in the tender experience of their hearts.

In CICA Consciousness we research and study people investigating their own consciousness using feeling heart-based methods.

Our undertakings include:

  1. A) offering courses and study people who are studying the nature of their own consciousness
    B) documenting how peace is an inner experience and not a state that can be imposed from outside
    C) encouraging researchers and/or students to participate in consciousness studies and explore the nature of their own consciousness
    D) supporting a sustainable way of living as we are part of an interconnected Universe and what we do to nature outside affects our well-being and vice versa
    E) organizing scientific conferences on consciousness
    F) supporting and helping other organizations that share similar goals.

Organizations who would like to patronize our activities and/or collaborate, please contact us


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