LXX CICA International Conference:

The Dignity of Death

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Madrid 8-9th March 2024

As traditionally death and the process towards and after death has been the territory of spirituality and religion, its study is multifaceted and goes beyond purely biological and social issues. However, as the dying process, like that of birthing, is slowly now being appropriated by the medical profession through them sometimes playing a role in when and how we die, we must ask ourselves how this trend, often encapsulated by the slogan ‘death with dignity, ’impacts, alters/improves or contradicts a more spiritual perspective?

So, we also must ask ourselves what are the implications of this change in the meaning of word dignity, how did different cultures, including our own, traditionally live the dying process, what have we lost, what have we gained? How can that help others who are dying?

These and more questions will be tackle in this LXX CICA Conference.


Facultad de Medicina UAM
Sala Pagoda
C/ Arzobispo Morcillo 2
Metro Begoña


In order to attend, and due to the limited capacity of the room, you need to confirm your assistance before Wednesday 6th of March.

The fee of 30€ for teachers and 20€ for students includes the tea/coffee during breaks and the meal on Saturday 9th.

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We thank you in advance for your interest in this next CICA conference on ‘The Dignity of Death’ and we look forward to meeting you in Madrid!


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CCA Global, Dialogo, Universal Peace Federation, DEYNA, La Casa Del Profesor, Women’s Federation for World Peace (Europe), International University for Professional Studies (IUPS- Hawaii)

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