LXVIII CICA International Conference

Puebla, Mexico, June 7th-8th, 2023

organized by

CICA International Foundation
Universidad Complutense
Nebrija University

The different expressions of human aggression and violence have not been one, but perhaps the most important of the social problems that humanity has faced throughout its history. For decades and even for centuries, science, both in its biological and social disciplines, have tried to elucidate the explanatory roots of violent behavior, seeking to avoid or mitigate it. And the foregoing has not been in vain, the scientific and therapeutic advances that have managed to clarify the roots of violence and have allowed the development of appropriate strategies to avoid further consequences as a result of aggressive acts are indeed very important and significant.

We witness daily the dramatic contemplation of the most varied and macabre acts of human violence, and today more than ever, when the inappropriate management of social networks, and with it the unethical use of information and images, submerge us in new forms of violence without regard to age, race, creed or political orientation.

Cyber violence, violence against children, including sexual violence or their forced association with armed groups, violence against women and the elderly, school violence, violence by gangs and organized armed groups, and wars in any place in the world, unfortunately continue to be a constant part of our daily lives.

However, the enormous social, psychological and economic costs generated by each and every one of the forms of violence and especially those in which the victims are children and young people, the absence of public policies in a very good part of the countries of the world, it is evident. In effect, real plans, programs and actions are urgently needed that, immersed in policies, make governments avoid violence against minors, women, and in general the most vulnerable population groups, mitigate the impacts of violence between groups or armies, regular or irregular, and generate intervention strategies of scientific and effective care for the victims of the different modalities of violence.

For all of the above, the CICA – International Conferences on Conflict and Aggression has been promoting for several decades on all continents meetings like this one, in which researchers, professionals from different disciplines and world leaders of multiple nationalities debate and build theories and proposals for face this scourge of humanity.

This new CICA Congress, which is now taking place in Mexico, will have the participation of important scientists from Europe and America.

Miguel Bettin

President CICA- Iberoamerica.

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