LIII CICA International Conference


Jornadas Internacionales 2020



23 – 24 April, 2020

School of Education -Universidad Complutense Madrid, Spain


The LIII CICA international conference (Jornadas Internacionales 2020) on “Violence and mental health” is organized by the Complutense Research Group “Psychosociobiology of Violence: education and prevention” in collaboration with the CICA International Foundation and the Nebrija-Santander Chair on Risk and Conflict Management.

CICA conferences provide an interdisciplinary forum for scholars from many different fields, interested in the discussion and exchange of ideas about conflict and aggression in a broad way. Students are most welcome. More specifically, we want to promote scientific and humanistic dialogue between members of our research group that currently work on different related topics with other recognized professionals at national and international level. Students are most welcome.

This Conference aims to emphasize the role of education in the safeguarding and promotion of mental health, as well as in the prevention of violence and in the promotion of coexistence. In them, important aspects will be addressed, such as:

    • The conceptualization of mental health.
    • Mental disorder and violence.
    • The impact of violence on physical and mental health.
    • Education for mental health.
    • Pedagogical risk prevention psychic.
    • Stigma and mental illness.
    • Mental health and hospital violence in historical perspective, etc.
    • Any topic in a broad way related to violence and mental health may also be accepted.

In addition to the presentations at these conferences, this event is a good opportunity for the exchange of scientists, researchers, students and, in general, of all people interested on these topics. Therefore, the Jornadas will allow us to meet with international colleagues and young students from around the world, strengthening ties and establishing new contacts.

The unexpected ongoing coronavirus outbreak has obliged us to change our planned presencial conference into a telematic one, with the participation of people of ten countries from four continents: Europe (Italy, Poland, Spain), Asia (Pakistan), Africa (Nigeria, South Africa), and America (Brasil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Mexico, USA).

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