LII CICA International Scientific Conference


Consciousness, the Corporate World and Conflict:

Towards a Deeper Understanding and Finding Solutions

7-8 April 2020

This LII CICA in New Zealand is the first time a CICA conference takes place “down under”. We have the feeling it will be the South that will supply many of the new ideas that will lead humanity to its next evolutionary stage. 

CICA conferences provide an interdisciplinary forum for world-class scientists, diplomats, policymakers, militia, entrepreneurs, social activists, and people from many different fields and interests to discuss and exchange ideas about conflict and aggression in a broadway. Students are most welcome.

This LII CICA and their collaborators addresses the topic of Consciousness and the Corporate World – looking to understand what sorts of spiritual conflicts some people have when joining the corporate world, how spirituality can help the corporate world, unfaced ethical issues and above all, searching for a new way forward. We are at a crossroads where the corporate world is a sink of infinite possibilities. However, the challenge is in how to choose and the intention behind the choices. Can we learn to listen to nature and the earth for guidance in our next step forward so we can ground possibilities that are in the best interests of all and is based on caring not only on profit? All these issues are the subject matter of this next conference. 

Our great strength is our diversity in terms of our backgrounds, our areas of expertise, our experiences, our abilities, and the organizations which have come together to host this conference. We study context and culture, the ways those broad social forces interact with psychological, economical, and sociological processes to affect individual and group behavior as well as investigating and researching the nature of consciousness.   

Besides the active contributors to this Round Table Conference via group symposia or individual presentations, it will offer a forum for exchanging ideas among people interested in this topic, meeting international colleagues and young students from around the world, renewing acquaintances, making new professional contacts, and networking in an informal atmosphere. Hopefully, it will also attract people from the corporate world and provide an opportunity to discuss current and future ideas and directions, research and international developments in this field, facilitating cooperation between the business world, specialists, scientists, and politicians, as well as to cross-fertilizing different areas of interest. Consequently, non-presenting participants are also most welcome.

The present LII CICA offers a practical and theoretical focus on the topic under discussion. And, as we have always had in our fifty-odd previous meetings, any topic related to conflict and aggression is also welcome.

President: J. Martin Ramirez (Nebrija University, Madrid, Spain) 

Scientific organizer: Tina Lindhard (IUPS University, Hawaii, USA)

Local organizers: Sanjay Kumarasingham, Jeanette Rapson, and Mogi Nayagar (Ph.D.) 


Unexpected circumstances -coronavirus outbreak- changed our previously planned presential Conference, into a virtual one, coordinated by Sanjay Kumarasingham from Australia, with 30 participants from all the continents: Europe (UK, Spain), Asia (Hong-Kong, India), Africa (South Africa), Oceania (Australia and New Zealand), and the Philippines. It took place on the 7th of April, 2020.

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