Javier Jiménez-Ugarte Hernández

Former Secretary General for Defence Policy (SEGENPOL)

Amb. Jiménez-Ugarte studied Law, being Assistant Professor of International Law (University of Madrid).

He joined the Diplomatic Service in 1972, being posted to the Spanish Embassies in Cairo and in Rome, Consul General of Spain in Houston, Edinburgh, Nador, Tetuan and Larache, at the Spanish Representation to NATO (defense and nuclear issues) in Brussels, as well as Ambassador of Spain to Algeria, Greece and Sweden.

Amb. Jiménez- Ugarte has also been Chief of Cabinet of the Secretary of State and Technical Secretary General at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Madrid, Director General for the Institute for Iberoamerican Cooperation (ICI) and Secretary General for Defense Policy at the Spanish Ministry of Defense.

In April 2017 he has been posted to “Marca España” (Spanish Brand) Office, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. After his retirement, he is interested in Security and Defence issues and on Arbitration and Mediation legal aspects, together with different voluntary jobs.

Ambassador Jiménez-Ugarte is author of two books, “Royal Trip to Greece” (2003), and “Immigration and Consular Practice”, (2008), and translator from Greek into Spanish of “The Lawyer” by Tryfon Koutalidis (2006).

Nowdays he works as an expert on Mediation and Arbitration.


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