Damian Ikechi Oniekwere

Damián Ikechi Onyekwere


Vice-Secretary of the CICA International Foundation 

Email: damiankechi@hotmail.com
Phone: 34 620064486

Damian Ikechi Onyekwere was born in Nigeria of Igbo origin. After undertaking his schooling in his country, he moved to Spain where he completed his University degrees: at the University of Seville he obtained his Bachelor [licenciatura] degree in Psychology (1989), as well as an accreditation of recognition of research sufficiency [DEA] (1989-91); and at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid he earned his PhD in Psychology (2003). In 2001, Seville University accredited him as “expert in community intervention”.

In 1990 – 1991 the University of Seville appointed his a Honorary Collaborator for the organization and teaching of practical classes at the Laboratory of Neurosciences,  as well as substitute in theoretical classes in this subject; and the Junta de Andalucia approved him as a research staff member of this Research Group.

In 1992, Damian obtained a fellowship from Bristol Myers Squibb laboratory for the elaboration of his doctoral dissertation on aggression in hamsters. And within the framework of the Leonardo Da Vinci Program, he went to Denmark (City Council of Koge, April 16 to 29, 2001) which involved the exchange of three Professional Counselors of the Labor Insertion Teams in Andalusia; and to France (28 May – 1 June 2006), as a member of the Spanish team of the project “consultation and guidance for the individual training of immigrants “(COPFIM).

Dr. Onyekwere is author of several articles on aggression published in scientific journals.
At present he works as a Psychologist – Mental Health Area – at the Elderly Residence of Lora del Rio.

Dr. Onyekwere has been a collaborator of CICA International since its first meeting in Seville, including that of the Seville Statement of Violence (1986). He is presently Vice Secretary of CICA International Foundation.


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