Academy of the Police Force in Bratislava
Public administration & Crisis management Department



03. – 04. 12. 2020

Academy of the Police Force in Bratislava, Sklabinska 1, Bratislava, Slovak Republic



Crisis Management

Conference objectives

The aim of the International scientific video-conference is to elucidate the current crisis management issues and crisis situation solution based on scientific approach. The focus will be on current situation and health risk caused by COVID-19 disease, emergency state and its impact on the society and social security.

Conference goal

  • Definition of basic terms;
  • Comparison of the solutions in Slovakia and other countries;
  • Analyse the current state
  • Prognosis of the trend based on actualised knowledge.

The conference presentation and the papers in conference proceedings should focus on following topics

  • Current state analysis and prognosis of crisis situation;
  • International comparison of different approaches towards crisis solution;
  • Possibilities of the Public administration crisis management.

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