LVI CICA Polarization, Misinformation, Insecurity culture and Group Conflict: towards Finding Solutions – October 7th-8th 2020

LVI CICA: Polarization, Misinformation, Insecurity culture and Group Conflict: towards Finding Solutions Słubice
3 scientific meetings in 3 European countries within 13 days!


(International Conference on Conflict and Aggression)

July 12 & 13, 2020

Collegium Polonicum

Słubice (Poland)

Polarization, Misinformation, Insecurity culture and Group Conflict: towards Finding Solutions

Organized by: CICA International Foundation
in collaboration with: APEIRON University, Poland and University of West Bohemia, Czech Republic

We invite you to participate in a CICA in Slubice, near the real border between Germany and Poland. The place is a symbolic bridge between both countries.

The pragmatic reason in choosing place, dates and topic under the motto “three scientific meetings in three European countries within 13 days” is the celebration of three international scientific meetings in a row, in Poland, Germany and Check Republic, from12 to 24 July: our CICA conference in Slubice, (July 12-13), as an aperitive of the ISPP meeting in Berlin (14-17 July), and the International Congress of Psychology in Prague (19-24 July).

CICA conferences provide an interdisciplinary forum for world-class scientists, diplomats, militia, policy makers, entrepreneurs, social activists, people from many different fields, and anybody interested in the discussion and exchange of ideas on conflict and aggression, in a broadly way. Students are most welcome.

Our great strength is our diversity, in terms of our backgrounds, our areas of expertise, our experiences, and our abilities. We study context and culture, and the ways those broad social forces interact with psychological, economical and sociological processes to affect individual and group behavior.

Besides the active contributors to this Conference -via symposia or presentations-, it will also be a good opportunity to exchange ideas between people interested in these topics, meet international colleagues and young students from around the world, renewing acquaintances, making new professional contacts, and networking in an informal atmosphere.

In addition, it provides a space to discuss current research, future directions and international development of our fields, facilitating cooperation between specialists, scientists, and politicians, as well as to cross fertilize different areas of interest. This explains why it is also important participating as a passive attendance.

The present LVI CICA offers a practical and theoretical focus on group conflicts and their manifestations, with background questions such as: do falling barriers to trade have led to a rapid change in social life and in the movement of products and labor? With these exciting transformations also came great challenges and threats, at a time when we seem to like each other less and less, with partisan affective polarization on the rise in country after country.

And, as in our fifty odd previous meetings, any topic related to conflict and aggression is also welcome.

President: J. Martin Ramirez (Nebrija University, Spain) 

Local organizer: Marzanna Farnicka (Zielona Góra University)

For questions regarding the submission process, scheduling, and other matters related to the content of the program, or regarding to the venue, lodging, and conference logistics, please, contact local our local organizer at:


 Join us in Slubice!!!

Registration and Call for Papers

Submission and registration data have to be sent the following two e-mail addresses:

  1. All the participants must send the following information: Name, Institutional Affiliation, Address, Country, E-mail, Telephone, Passport/ID Number, as well as a short biosketch with photo (this information provided by the prospective participant will be included in the book of abstracts, unless asked explicitly otherwise).
  2. If you wish to participate in the Conference presenting a symposium or presentation, you should add:

Title of Paper, Name of all co-authors and their Current Position, Institutional Affiliation (University/Organization), and Country, email address of all co-authors, and an abstract (about 300 words). The submitted contributions have to arrive before March 1, 2020, and they may have the form of:

  1. Oral Communication (duration: about 20 min) or poster
  2. Symposia or roundtables (3/4 talks on a common topic, with a total duration of about 90 min)
  • Trainings, blitz presentations, etc.

Please, when you submit your proposal, be sure to note any scheduling requests/notes (ex., do not schedule on first/second day). We will consider all requests, even if we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate everyone. For questions regarding the submission process, scheduling, and other matters related to the content of the program, please contact us.

  1. In either case, you also must send copy of the bank transfer order of the inscription fees, as attachment (keep it as an automatic proof of inscription).


  1. Submission deadline: 1 March 2020
  2. Notifications of acceptances will go out before April.
  3. Early Registration: 1 April 2020


Registration for our 2020 conference is open in February 2020.

Registration Fees

Early Registration (ends 1 April 2019)  


Members organizing institutions

Full Members                                   150 €                                             200 €

Students & accompanying                 80 €                                               150 €


Non-Members                                    250 €                                             300 €

Student Non-Members                       150 €                                             200 €


There is a limited number of grants. If any prospective participant should need one, he/she may ask for it, arguing the reasons.

For cancellations received by April 1st, 2020, a refund of the full amount will be made, deducting a 50 € administrative fee. After this date, no refunds are available.

The participation fees include certificates, program & abstracts book and other conference documentation, admission to the full conference, refreshments and coffee breaks, and admission to any general conference reception.

If you need a receipt or invoice for your payment in a different form than is automatically generated, please contact our office. This could include a receipt showing one payment for registration.

Payments has to be directly transferred to:

Account holder: CICA International Foundation

Bank: BBVA

Bank address: Enrique Larreta, 4, 28036, Madrid, Spain

Account number: ES95 0182 0951 2302 0158 9710

Electronic format (IBAN): BBVAESMMXXX ES95 0182 0951 2302 0158 9710


Concept: Participant name + CICA Słubice



For publishers and authors interested in having display copies, samples, or flyers at the conference, please contact the local organizer for more information.


How to get Słubice:  

Słubice town is at the German border. Look Frankfurt Oder or just Słubice. Town is located 1,5 hour by train from Berlin, 1 hour from Zielona Góra.

We suggest you to arrive on July 11, and be ready for the beginning of the CICA in the morning of July 12. We plan to finish in the afternoon of July 13, for allowing you to be back in Berlin that evening and start the ISPP the next morning.

Where to stay:

Hotel Kaliski:

Please see the web sites below for information on visa requirements for travel to POLAND:
U.S. State Department
Schengen Visa Information
Visa & Passport Information


Accepted presenters will be able to obtain a letter for visa application in early 2020. Please be sure to have your letter at least 30 days prior to the applicable registration deadline.

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