LV CICA: Global Commons & Security trends: towards a peaceful 21st century – Madrid (Spain), 25th-27th May 2020


Global Commons & Security trends: towards a peaceful 21st century

Madrid (Spain), May 25th– 27th, 2020

organized by

CICA International, Nebrija University, & Pugwash Spanish Group


On behalf of CICA INTERNATIONAL, it is our great pleasure to announce and invite you to participate to the 55th CICA International Conferences on Security, with the theme “Global Commons & Security trends: towards a peaceful 21st century”, taking place at Madrid, Spain (May 25-27, 2020).


CICA conferences provide an interdisciplinary forum for world-class scientists, diplomats, militia, policy makers and people from many other fields to discuss and exchange ideas on the hottest topics and progress in the field of security and defence and, more broadly, conflict and aggression.


Under this wide title, understood as those natural spaces out of the national jurisdiction of the states, we may include interesting topics such as:

  1. Earth: both polar regions, Artic and Antartic, and, late sensu, the advanced borders
  2. Sea: ocean depths and non-territorial waters, with the mining of its resources, such as minerals and fishery; as well as the global migration in the middle of nowhere (for instance, in the Mediterranean see or in the Indic ocean)
  3. Air: with the increasing of the aerial navigation and its use for military operations and for terrorist attacks
  4. Outer space: including the moon and other sidereal bodies
  5. Cyberspace: including the risk of its non-peaceful use by state and non-state actors
  6. Security and legal implications related with the above areas

And, following the tradition since the beginning of the CICAs, we also accept any topic related to Conflict and Aggression.

Besides the active contributors -via symposia or presentations-, this Conference will also be a good opportunity as a forum where scientists and other people interested on these topics can exchange ideas, meet international colleagues and young students from around the world, renew acquaintances, make new professional contacts, and network in an informal atmosphere. It also provides an opportunity to discuss current research, future direction and international development of different fields, facilitate cooperation between specialists, scientists, and politicians, as well as cross fertilizing different areas of interest. This explains why it is also important participating as a passive attendance.

Registration and Call for Papers

Please, send your registration information to the following e-mail addresses:


  1. All the participants must send the following information: Name, Institutional Affiliation, Address, Country, E-mail, Telephone, Passport/ID Number, as well as a short biosketch with photo (this information provided by the prospective participant will be included in the book of abstracts, unless asked explicitly otherwise).


  1. If you wish to participate in the Conference presenting a presentation or a symposium, you should add:

Title of Paper, Name of all co-authors and their Current Position, Institutional Affiliation (University/Organization), and Country, email address of all co-authors, and an abstract (about 300 words). The submitted contributions have to arrive before March 15th, 2020, (we will inform about their acceptance within the same month), and they may have the form of:

  1. Oral Communication (duration: about 20 min)
  2. Symposium (3/4 talks on a common topic, with a total duration of about 90 min)
  • Languages: English or Spanish
  1. In either case, you also must send copy of the bank transfer order of the inscription fees, as attachment (keep it as an automatic proof of inscription).
  • Registration fees are the following:
    • 200 € for standard participants: (early deadline: March 31st, 2020) (250 € after April 1st)
    • 100 € for students and accompanying people (early deadline: March 31st, 2020) (150 € later)

 Members of CICA and Nebrija University have a discount of 50% on the standard fee.

There is a limited number of grants. If any prospective participant should need one, he/she may ask for it, arguing the reasons.

For cancellations received by April 1st, 2020, a refund of the full amount will be made, deducting a 50 € administrative fee. After this date, no refunds are available.

The participation fees include admission to all scientific sessions and to a networking reception, refreshments, and conference materials, such as a program & abstract book and certificate of attendance.

There will be a formal dinner on May 26th. Those who may be interested in attending, have to add to the registration fees, the amount of 35 €.

  • Payments have to be directly transferred to:

Account holder: Universidad Nebrija

Bank: Banco Santander

Bank address: Paseo de la Castellana, 140, 28046, Madrid, Spain

Account number: 0049 1803 50 2610434151

Electronic format (IBAN): ES4300491803502610434151


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