April 23 st 2022


In the see of the CEOE (Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations) under the
Presidence of Antonio Garamendi, and the Deputy Presidents Mr. Gabriel del Toro and
General Federico Yaniz, participated the following members of ED-ES:

– General Manuel Bretón, President of Spanish Caritas
– Mr. Oscar Bocos, Adjunt Director of CEOE International
– Dr. Luis María Cazorla, Full Professor, King Juan Carlos University, Letrado
of the Spanish Cottes & member of the Spanish Royal Academy of
– Col. Herminio Fernández, General Secretary ED-ES
– Mr. Abel Lozano, Auxiliar Secretary ED-ES
– Dr. J. Martín Ramírez, Full Professor, Nebrija University
– General Valentín Martínez Valero, Head of the CIFAS (Intelligence Center
of the Spanish Defence)
– General Antonio Nadal, Coordinator oi Working Groups of ED-ES
– Dr. Jesús Palomo, Professor, Rey Juan Carlos University
– Francisco Javier Ruiz de Ojeda, Aeronautic Engineer, Director of
International Relations of EADS-Spain (now Airbus Military).

After the protocolar Greetings to the audiency, and a brief information about the RIE
EURODEFENSE, celebrated last month at the École Militaire de París (May19 th -21 st ,
2022), and the number 13 of thel Boletín EURODEFENSA, edited by Admiral

The meeting finished awarding several members of ED-ES, with the highest honor: the Medal of ED-ES. Among them, this highest award was bestowed upon Prof. J, Martin Ramirez, President of the CICA International Foundation.

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