Eduardo Zamarripa Martínez



Head of Department of Public Administration and Crisis Management, Academy of the Police Force in Bratislava, Slovakia, since 2019
She was an invited professor at University of Nebrija, Madrid, Spain. She cooperates with CICA in the function of the Ambassador for Slovak Republic and Czech Republic.

Prof. Müllerová deals with matters of security, safety and crisis management. Her professional career is dedicated to the questions of emergency management in various situations. She has been concerned to connection of machinery and environmental risk during doctoral studies at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Zilina. She obtained title of Assistant professor in VSB-University Ostrava in Security and Fire Safety. She became a professor in Security Sciences in 2015.

Her focus on risk and safety was later transferred to Department of Fire Engineering, to modelling of fires with focus on prevention of fire fatalities. She is an author of original method of Risk Assessment called RM/RA CRAMM in cooperation with Academy of Police Force in Bratislava. It focus on quantitative risk assessment of wide range of risk categories incl. technic, natural, environmental and social risks (criminality, terrorism etc.)

Her professional scientific focus remains on the Risk assessment and modelling in various parts of human life, various fields of study and various applications related to human safety and security. She was an advisor of Deputy of Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic, Deputy for Education of Security forces of Ministry of the Interior, deputy for social, health, education and project management. She was honoured by Silver Medal for International Appreciation by International Science Community Association, India, 2018 (ISCA member since 2014).

She obtained medal for Scientific Contribution to Transport from Faculty of Transportation Sciences, Czech Technical University in Prague, Medal for Scientific Contribution for Fire & Rescue Services of Czech Republic, Head of Aviation Department, Faculty of Transportation, University of Pardubice and Medal for Development of Fire & Rescue Service from President of Fire & Rescue Services of Slovak Republic.

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