International Virtual Conference on Spirituality, Religion, Irreligion, and Society


CICA International Conscious support of Dialogo conference produced interesting fruits. Four of the six keynote speakers were contacts that came in through CICA consciousness division.


In total 25 people presented papers from many countries including Rumania, Slovenia, Italy, Spain, Germany Canada, South Africa, and India, and 7 of papers came in through CICA directly or indirectly. For a conference that had a very focused topic, it was very well attended, and many people followed the keynote addresses live via Facebook where access was made freely available to anybody interested in the topic. The attendance was high but not sure of the total figures throughout the evening of the 28th of May.

The articles will now be published in a journal, both online and in print – and we shall publish how to access the journal as soon as it is available. 

Spirituality and Consciousness seem to be a topic which is slowly attracting attention in academic circles and CICA International Consciousness division will continue to support initiates like that of Dialogo and other serious organizations.

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