“Women are the guardians of life. Never before in our history has it been more vital for women to assume this role with full responsibility.”

For  women the mystery is alive and vibrates through us.  It animates every cell in our body; we are an embodiment of this living mystery.
Woman’s consciousness restores reverence for the mystery that is manifesting Itself through all creation.
The mystery also enables us to appreciate the interconnected nature of all life.
Being secure in our sexual identity is one way we can combat transhumanism  – women and men are not the same  – we each have unique gifts and abilities. (Jesus gave a talk of sexuality at the Centro Asturiano – let see if we can link this to it)
Women are the guardians of life. Never before in our history has it been more vital for women to assume this role with full responsibility.
Once we align with our power, (which is different from ‘power over’) many men will join us.


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