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11983BRAIN AND AGGRESSION6 participants from 3 countries: E, USA, MexSeville, 23-24 Maycoming soon
21984AGGRESSION IN CHILDREN7 participants from 5 countries: E, UK, I, Pl, MexSeville, 25 Aprilcoming soon
31984CONFLICT AMONG POPULATIONS5 participants from 2 countries: E, USASeville, 14 May
41985PARENTAL CARE AND AGGRESSION15 participants from 7 countries: E, USA, Mex, UK, F, Jp, Pl, NlSeville, 20 May
51985PHARMACOLOGY OF AGGRESSION13 participants from 8 countries: E, USA, Mex, UK, URSS, Pl, Nl, IsraelSeville, 20 May
61986PSYCHOBIOLOGY OF PEACE43 participants from 15 countries: E, USA, Mex, UK, D, Pl, Jp, Finland, Bolivia, India, Kenya, Philippines, Australia, URSS, KuwaitSeville, 12-16 May
71986BIOLOGY AND VIOLENCE29 participants from 13 countries: E, USA, Mex, UK, D, Pl, Jp, Finland, India, Kenya, Australia, URSS, KuwaitSeville, 10-16 May
81987CLINICAL ASPECTS OF AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR17 participants from 5 countries: E, USA, Sweden, Finland, NlSeville, 23 April
91988TERRORISM AND MASS-MEDIA17 participants from 9 countries: E, USA, D, Nl, Sweden, Finland, Costa Rica, Canada, Argentina

Seville, 25-27 February
101988COMPARATIVE BIOLOGY OF AGGRESSION13 participants from 5 countries: E, UK, Mex, Argentina, ChileSantiago de Chile, 15-17 December
111989PSYCHOBIOLOGY AND AGGRESSION: RESEARCH TECHNIQUES13 participants from 5 countries: E, Mex, Pl, F, Sweden, CanadaSeville, January – April
121990BIOLOGY OF THE AGGRESSION14 participants from 4 countries: E, Mex, USA, ColombiaBogota (Colombia), 21-23 June

5 participants from 3 countries: E, Mex, USAUniversal Expo Seville, 25 June

31 participants from 7 countries: E, Denmark, Pl, I, Israel, Cameroon, ZACape Town (South Africa), 27-29 August
152000CROSS-CULTURAL APPROACH TO AGGRESSION50 participants from 20 countries: E, Mex, UK, USA, Canada, D, Dk, F, FS, Nl, Pl, P, I, Iran, Israel, India. Jp, Nigeria, Russia, ZAMiraflores de la Sierra (Spain), 7-9 July

La Jolla (California), 9-14 August
182004VIOLENCE BY ARMED NON-STATE GROUPSAndalo (Italy), 11-18 January
192004HELLAS CICA ON BRAIN AND AGGRESSION38 participants from 19 countries: E, England, Scotland, USA, Ca, D, Dk, F, Greece, Hungary, NL, Turkey, Palestine, I, Israel, Jp, Zambia, Russia, ZARhodes (Greece), 14-17 September
202005ZAMBIA CICA ON PEACE AND DEVELOPMENT IN AFRICAparticipants from 5 countries: E, Australia, I, Zambia, ZALusaka (Zambia), 18-20 June

212006WAR ON TERROR20 participants from 6 countries: E, UK, USA, FS, I, Russia, ZATrento (Italy), 8-15 January

222006STRESS AND AGGRESSION8 participants from 4 countries: E, UK, Israel, ZAOxford, (England), 30 January
232007CATEGORIZING AGGRESSION12 participants from 5 countries: E, USA, B, NL, FAugusta (Georgia), 11-14 January
242007AGRESIÓN Y VIOLENCIA: UNA DIMENSIÓN ÉTICA40 participants from 6 countries: E, USA, Venezuela, Mex, I, ZAMexico City, 6-8 September
252007A INTERDISCIPLINARY ANALYSES OF AGGRESSION & TERRORISM120 participants from 28 countries: Austria, B, Bulgaria, D, E, Eire, England, F, Greece, I, Northern Ireland, Pl, Scotland, Slovenia, NL, China, India, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Korea, Nepal, ZA, Zambia, Ca, USA, Nouvelle Caledonie and Australia.Miraflores de la Sierra (Spain), 27-30 September
262008AGGRESSION, TERRORISM, AND HUMAN RIGHTS65 participants from 24 countries: B, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Dk, E, England, Pl, P, Slovenia, NL, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Palestinian Territory, Pakistan, UAE, Nigeria, ZA, Ghana, Gambia, Ca, USA, and Australia.Zakopane (Poland), 15-18 July 2008
272009POLITICAL VIOLENCE AND COLLECTIVE AGGRESSION.80 participants from 25 countries (Ghana, Canada, USA, Germany, Ireland, Nortern Ireland, England, Scottland, Wales, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Netherlands, Greece, Hungary, Norway, Swizerland, Poland, Iraq, Iran, Libanon, Japan, Australia, Estonia, Argentina, South Africa, Zimbabwe)Belfast (Northern Ireland) , 2-5 September
282009ATTITUDES TOWARD CONFLICT AND AGGRESSION: A CROSS-CULTURAL APPROACH52 participants from 21 countries: Japan, China, India, Israel, Palestine, Georgia, Iraq, Iran, South Africa, Denmark, United Kingdom , Poland, Hungary, Mexico, Uruguay, U.S.A. Spain, France, Italy, Sweden, and TurkeyBodrum (Turkey), 24-27 September
292010AN UPDATE OF THE SSV 25 YEARS LATER?5 signataires of the SSV from 3 countries (USA, Finland, and Spain)Storrs, CO (USA), 25-26 July
30 participants from 13 countries: Laos, South Africa, Denmark, United Kingdom , Poland, Hungary, Mexico, Uruguay, USA. Spain, Italy, and Russia.Leányfalu (Hungary), 26- 29 August
312010AGGRESSION, POLITICAL VIOLENCE AND TERRORISM300 participants from 16 countries: Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Spain, United Kingdom, India, South Africa, USA, Canada, Argentina, Perú and Colombia.Cartagena de Indias (Colombia), 18-20 NovembeR
322011CONTEMPORARY ISSUES ON VIOLENCE, AGGRESSION & TERRORISM50 participants from 26 countries: Denmark, England, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Kosovo, Nortern Ireland, Spain, Sweden, China, Hong Kong, Iran, Laos, Pakistan, Nigeria, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Colombia, Nicaragua, Perú and Uruguay.University of California, Irvine (USA), 7-9th September
332011THE SEVILLE STATEMENT ON VIOLENCE: TWENTY-FIVE YEARS LATER40 participants from 16 countries: Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Russia, Spain, United Kingdom, Iran, Egypt, South Africa, New Zealand, USA, and Mexico.

Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Rome, 22-25 September
342012CONFLICT IN A SOCIETY IN TRANSITION15 participants (econom ists, sociologists, psychologists & political scientists) from 10 countries:

Austria, Hungary, Israel, Mexico, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey, UK, Ukraine, and USA
Leányfalu (Hungary), 28-31 May.
organized by the College of Dunaújvaros (Institute of Communication Studies and Education) and CICA
352012TERRORISM AND AGGRESSION: TOWARDS INCREASED FREEDOM AND SECURITY80 participants from 25 countries: Europe (Albania, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Moldava, Poland, Rumania, Russia, Spain, and UK), Asia (Hong Kong – China, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, and Turkey), Africa (Nigeria and South Africa), America (Colombia and USA), and Oceania (New Zealand)Burgas (Black Sea, Bulgaria), 8-11 September.

organized by St. Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia (Political Science Department)
362013TOWARDS UNDERSTANDING CONFLICTS, AGGRESSION, VIOLENCE AND PEACE30 participants from 16 countries: Europe (Denmark, Estonia, Hungary, Italy, Netherland, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Spain, UK, and Ukraine), Asia (Hong Kong – China, and Turkey), Africa (South Africa), and America (Mexico and USA)Hévis (Hungary), 23-26 June, 2013

organized by Tomori Pál Föiskola and CICA
372014CONFLICT AND AGGRESSION: DEVELOPMENTAL AND SOCIAL CONDITIONS 100 participants from 16 countries: Europe (Czech Republik, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, and Ukraine), Asia (India, Mongolia, Pakistan, Russia and Syria), Africa (South Africa), and America (Colombia, Canada and USA)Zielona Góra (Poland), 22-25 June, 2014

organized by Kazimierz Wielki University of Bydgoszcz and the University of Zielona Góra

11 participants from 6 countries: Egypt, Finland, Italy, Spain, Mexico and USAQuerétaro (Mexico), 20-29 October
392015SECURITY AND DEFENCE: THREATS AN RISKS TO CRITIC INFRASTRUCTURES80 participants from 14 countries: Europe (Denmark, France, Italy, Poland, Spain, and Switzerland), Asia (Thailand), Africa (Nigeria, and South Africa), and America (Canada, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Peru, and Uruguay)Madrid (Spain), 8-9 October 2015
402015VIOLENCE, WAR AND POSTCONFLICT1200 participants (81 of them in an active way) from 9 countries: Europe (Denmark, Italy, Poland, and Spain), Africa (South Africa), and America (Canada, Colombia, Mexico, and USA)Bogotá (Colombia), 12-14 November
412016MAPPING THE CYBERSPACE: An Emerging Priority Challenge80 participants from 22 countries: Asia (China, Irán, Nepal, Qatar, Palestine, India), Europe (Russia, Poland, Germany, Croatia, England, Wales, Italy, Spain), Americas (Canada, USA, Colombia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Venezuela), and Africa (Nigeria, South Africa).Madrid (Spain), 1-3 June
422017CONFLICT AND CROSS-CULTURAL DIALOGUE90 participants from 34 countries: Asia (China-Hong Kong, Cambodia, Iran, Vietnam, Israel, Palestina, Lebanon), Europe (Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland), Americas (Canada, USA, Bolivia, Colombia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador), and Africa (Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Western Sahara) Madrid (Spain), 18-20 September
432018UNDERSTANDING CONSCIOUSNESS: WELLBEING, EMOTIONS AND CONFLICT35 participants from 9 countries: America (Canada, USA), Europe (England, Spain, Denmark), India, Australia, New Zealand and Africa (South Africa).Mysuru, Karnataka (India), 9-10 January 2018
442018SECURITY FORUM 201840 participants from 14 countries: Asia (Afghanistan), Europe (Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Ukraine), America (Argentina, USA), and Africa (Nigeria, Tunis).Cracow (Poland), 5-7 June
452018THE FUTURE OF SECURITY AND DEFENCE OF EUROPE95 participants from 28 countries: Asia (Afghanistan, Iran, Palestina), Europe (Belgium, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Ukraine), Americas (Argentina, Brasil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Peru, USA), and Africa (Nigeria, South Africa, South Sudan).Madrid (Spain), 11-13 June
462018VIOLENCIA Y EDUCACION30 participants from 9 countries: Europe (Denmark, Spain), Americas (Colombia, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Paraguay, Uruguay, USA), and Africa (Nigeria).Madrid (Spain), 23-24 November
472018FIRE PROTECTION & RESCUE SERVICES90 participants from 5 European countries (Check Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and Spain).Zilina (Slovakia), 4-5 December