LXXI CICA International Conference:


Complutense University Madrid (Spain) School of Education  

4th of July 2024

organized by

CICA International &
Complutense Research Group on Psychosociobiology of Violence: Education and Prevention

It is a great pleasure for us to invite you to participate in the CICA-Complutense International Conference on VIOLENCE AND SOCIETY, which will take place in Madrid, Spain, expectedly on July 4, 2024.

This Meeting provides an international framework for scientists, educators, policymakers and people from many other fields to exchange ideas on the most pressing issues and progress in the field of education, the prevention of violence and the promotion of coexistence.

Violence in any of its manifestations causes pain and suffering. We are exposed to violence directly or through the media. The visibility of violence challenged our fundamental understandings of this serious social problem. It is not strange, therefore, that violence constitutes an individual, social, school, political and scientific concern. Rethinking the analysis between violence and society requires a pluralistic concept of violence, only possible from different disciplinary perspectives, as proposed in this Meeting, to recognize its multiple and varied forms.

Undoubtedly, the broad field of violence constitutes a topic of public debate and scientific interest. Its approach has often been dispersed and fragmented into specialized areas of analysis. This Meeting aims to promote disciplinary and humanistic exchange with recognized professionals at a national and international level, who, from their respective disciplinary fields, enable a better understanding of the multifaceted phenomenon of violence. In general, we want to emphasize the role of education in preventing violence and promoting coexistence.

This new CICA, in short, is committed to the study, reflection and dialogue from different perspectives, based on international experts, on violence in society and its implications, as well as its prevention and the improvement of personal and social life.
Our next Meeting (CICA-Complutense) aims to address important issues such as: – Conceptual approach to violence

– Types of violence
– Causes and consequences of violence
– The violent society
– Media exposure to violence
– Education in the face of violence
– Prevention and action against violence and aggression

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With Thanks

We thank you in advance for your interest in this next CICA conference on ‘Violence and Society’ and we look forward to meeting you in Madrid!

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