LXX CICA International Conference:

The Dignity of Death

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Madrid 8-9th March 2024


As traditionally death and the process towards and after death has been the territory of spirituality and religion, its study is multifaceted and goes beyond purely biological and social issues. However, as the dying process, like that of birthing, is slowly now being appropriated by the medical profession through them sometimes playing a role in when and how we die, we must ask ourselves how this trend, often encapsulated by the slogan ‘death with dignity, ’impacts, alters/improves or contradicts a more spiritual perspective?

Call for Contributions

Prospective authors are kindly encouraged to shape the conference through submissions of their full papers including abstracts on any aspect related to the conference theme. We also cordially invite high-quality research contributions from different disciplines describing original and unpublished results of conceptual, constructive, empirical, experimental, or theoretical work in all Scientific disciplines connected to the topic. The phenomenological approach is also most welcome.

We intend to follow the following timeline:

Early submission of Full articles including abstract – 15th Jan 2024

Late submission of Full article including abstract – 31st Jan 2024

Book Publication

As with all CICA conferences, all contributions which pass a rigorous peer review process will form part of a book on the subject. More information will be available later.

The book will be published in English. Authors will be given a chance to do a final retouch to their papers prior to final submission 10 days after the conference has taken place – ie 4th March 2024.

Article Submission

Please send your articles to consciousness@cicainternational.org and a copy to t.lindhard@iups.edu and jesus.poveda@uam.es

More information

For more information: Whatsapp 34 674897012; 34 659067797 or 34 607856717 or write to consciousness@cicainternational.org



Please notify your intent to assist or to present before the 15th of January.

With Thanks

We thank you in advance for your interest in this next CICA conference on ‘The Dignity of Death’ and we look forward to meeting you in Madrid!

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