LX CICA – Violence, Empathy, and Neurotechnoeducation – July 5-6-7, 2021b

LX CICA – Violence, Empathy, and Neurotechnoeducation – July 5 & 6, 2021

Organised by

CICA International & Complutense Research Group on Psychosociobiology of Violence: Education and Prevention

On behalf of CICA INTERNATIONAL, it is our great pleasure to invite you to participate to the 60th CICA International Conference on VIOLENCE, EMPATHY and NEUROTECHNOEDUCATION, taking place at Madrid, Spain (July 5th to 7yh , 2021).

CICA conferences provide an interdisciplinary forum for world-class scientists, diplomats, militia, policy makers and people from many other fields to discuss and exchange ideas on the hottest topics and progress on the field of security and defense and, more broadly, violence, conflict and aggression.

Under this wide title, our LX CICA intends to face important questions such as:


Consequently, we suggest the analysis of the following main topics:

  • Violence & New Technologies: Virtual Reality & Non-Invasive Biometrics
  • Affective Education and Emotional Intelligence (EI) to prevent, reduce and eliminate violence.
  • Risk factors for violence.
  • Post traumatic stress disorders (PTSS)
  • Security & Defense actions to stop violent behavior
  • and, following the tradition since the beginning of the CICAs, anytopic related to Conflict and Aggression, with a special -but not exclusive- focus on how emotional self-consciousness may reduce the risk of violence.

More and more labs around the world are implementing technology, especially Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Pupillometries and Eye Tracking as positive instruments capable of facilitating more efficient and healthy interpersonal communication.
By helping to look taking perspective from the eyes of the other, we can increase not just Neuromarketing or Neurocinematics, but also an early and deep learning with gamification, for Emotional self- consciousness and an increasing of the quality of life in human interactions.

Registration and Call for Papers

  1. All the participants must send the following information: Name, Institutional Affiliation, Address, Country, E-mail, Telephone, Passport/ID Number, as well as a short biosketch with photo (this information provided by the prospective participant will be included in the book of abstracts, unless asked explicitly otherwise).
  2. If you wish to participate in the Conference presenting a symposium or communication, you should add:

Title of Paper, Name of all co-authors and their Current Position, Institutional Affiliation (University/Organization), and Country, email address of all co-authors, and an abstract (about 300 words). The submitted contributions have to arrive before April 15th, 2021 (we will inform about their acceptance within the same month), and they may have the form of:

I. Oral Communication (duration: about 20 min)
II. Symposium (3/4 talks on a common topic, with a total duration of about 90 min)
III. Languages: English or Spanish

  1. If you also want to publish the content of your presentation in the Program Book, you may send a manuscript between 3.000 and 6.000 words before May 15th, 2021
  2. We invite all the active and passive participants to send a voluntarydonation of a minimum of 5 € to the CICA International Foundation,
    • either via PayPal by clicking https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=HQETMVGU26SF6
    • those sending the donation from the Euro Zone, may also do their donation by transferring it to the following account:Account Name: CICA International Foundation
      Bank Address: Enrique Larreta 4, 28036 Madrid (Spain) Account Number:
      BBVAESMMXXX ES95 0182 0951 2302 0158 9710 BIC: CBBVAESMMXXX
      Concept: Participant name + CICA 2021

These voluntary contribution fees entitle you to admission to all scientific sessions and conference materials, such as a program & abstract book and certificate of attendance.

Please remember to send your information, including name and institution, and voluntary contribution to:



(this will be the acknowledgment of your registration)

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