Security & Defence in Postmodernity A Review of Challenges and Problems

Madrid, Spain, May 4-5, 2023

organized by

Spanish Pugwash
CICA International Foundation
Spanish Academy of Military Arts and Sciences
Nebrija University

On behalf of the Spanish Pugwash, CICA International Fundation, Spanish Academy of Military Arts and Sciences and Nebrija University, it is our great pleasure to announce and invite you to participate to the LXVI CICA International Conference on Conflicts, with the theme
“Security & Defence in Postmodernity. A review of Challenges and Problems”, taking place in Madrid, Spain (May 4-5, 2023)

CICA conferences provide an interdisciplinary forum for world-class scientists, diplomats, militia, policy makers and people from many other fields to discuss and exchange ideas on the hottest topics and progress on the field of security and defense and, more broadly, conflict and aggression.

Postmodernity is proving to be a most complex historical period, in which issues affecting conflict, security and defense take on prominent importance. These are uncertain times and new forms of action, with critical geostrategic matches pending to be resolved in the short term. This second decade of the 21st century has begun with enormous challenges for the security and defense of the entire world, such as the consolidation of human rights or migration, besides the nuclear issues and the omnipresence of SARS-CoV2.

Under this broad title, our LXVI CICA intends to confront these critical systemic weaknesses, highlighting, among other approaches, ethical issues and the urgency of peace, in the belief that they are the only link for the stability and well-being of all nations.

Consequently, we suggest the analysis of the following main topics, related to the Postmodernity challenges at Conflict, Security & Defence:

  • Geopolitics: the situation in Europe, the NATO expansion and the European Defence.
  • Technology: including Cyberspace, Cybersecurity and Cyberdefense related topics.
  • Rule of Law: including International War Law, Human Rights and Minority Rights related topics.
  • New forms of conflict: populism, fake news and cognitive field.
  • Military expansion, Nuclear issues, Space Militarization and arms control
  • and, following the tradition since the beginning of the CICAs, any topic related to Conflict and Aggression.

Registration and Call for Papers

Registration data and any query must to be sent to the following e-mail addresses:


1. Registration: All the participants must send the following information: Name, Institutional Affiliation, Country, E-mail, as well as a short biosketch with photo (this information provided by the prospective participant will be included in the book of abstracts, unless asked explicitly otherwise).

2. Participation and Fees: If you wish to participate in the Conference presenting a symposium or presentation, you should add:
Title of Paper, Name of all co-authors and their Current Position, Institutional Affiliation (University/Organization), and Country, email address of all co- authors, and an abstract (about 300 words). The submitted contributions have to arrive
before March 15th, 2023, (we will inform about their acceptance within the next two weeks), and they may have the form of:

      • Oral Communication (duration: about 20 min)
      • Symposium (3/4 talks on a common topic, with a total duration of about 90 min)
      • Languages: English or Spanish

The early registration fees (deadline: March 15th, 2022) are the following:
• 180 for standard participants (250 after March 15th)
150 for online participants (200 after March 15th)
• 90 for students and accompanying people (150 after March 15th)

Members of CICA, Pugwash, Spanish Academy of Military Arts & Sciences and Nebrija University can attend for free.

There are a limited number of bourses, if any prospective participant should need one, he/she may ask for it, arguing the reasons.

For cancellations received by April 1, 2023 a refund of the full amount will be made, deducting a 50administrative fee. After this date, no refunds are available.

The participation fees include admission to all scientific sessions and to a networking reception and farewell gathering, refreshments, and conference materials, such as a program & abstract book and certificate of attendance.

3. Please use of the following payments methods:

  • either via PayPal by clicking


  • or, for those paying the fee from the Euro Zone, by transferring it to the following account:

        Account Name: CICA International Foundation
    Bank Address: Enrique Larreta 4, 28036 Madrid (Spain) Account Number:
        BBVAESMMXXX ES95 0182 0951 2302 0158 9710

    Concept: Participant name + CICA 2023

Please remember to send your contribution information, including name, to: cica@nebrija.es & info@cicainternational.org (this will be the acknowledgment of your registration)

Further information and contact:

https://www.nebrija.com/catedras/nebrija-santander-resolucion- conflictos/actividades.php

Document with all information

You can send funds to CICA



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